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By admin on May 25th, 2010

Playing online bingo makes players a part of a growing segment of the internet gambling industry. Since the industry is growing along with its market
online playing sites compete with one another for customers. There are different forms of competition available to them. In some countries
like the United Kingdom
they can advertise on television and other media. The purpose of all advertising is to attract new customers to their site.

Online bingo operators can also compete with one another through the offerings on their site. They want to make their online playing site look more attractive and different from the sites of their competitors because they want players to choose their site over the site of their competitors. Some of the factors that distinguish sites are the kinds of bingo games that they offer
the side games that are offered
the ticket prices
and the size of the prizes and jackpots.

Other factors that serve to differential online playing sites are the different community features. Most sites have chat rooms with their own rooster of games and specials. Others offer features like photo galleries where players can post their photo and bio. There can be forums and emails that allow players to express their opinions and communicate. Some sites allow their players to post articles and stories or to exchange recipes and greeting cards.

Bingo playing sites also differ from one another in terms of the bonuses that they offer. They may offer a bingo no deposit bonus to attract new players. This type of bonus rewards the player with a specified number of cards or money to wager at the site without making a deposit. The player cannot withdraw the bonus money but can withdraw the winnings from the bonus money. The player uses the money to test the software and try out the site. There is usually a match bonus that doubles the amount of the player’s first deposit. This all represents free money to wager and win with for the player. The site that offers these kinds of bonuses is more attractive to the player than the site that doesn’t offer any bonus.

The bingo operator gains from offers these kinds of bonuses because he differentiates his site from other sites and he attracts players with the promise of free money. The player who likes the site and stays represents a stream of revenues for the playing site which is why it is worthwhile for the site to give bonuses.

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